Dentist Tigard OR: Why Grills Can Be Harmful to Teeth

It seems that Pop Stars and Rappers are starting the Grills comeback, but as a Dentist in Tigard OR, I want them to know why Grills can be harmful to teeth.  First of all, Grills are a type of jewelry that is worn over the teeth.  It is typically removable and can be made from […]

Tigard Dentist and Team Volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank

Tigard Dentist and the team from TenderCare Dental volunteered their time at the Oregon Food Bank. The Oregon Food Bank distributes emergency food to hunger relief agencies throughout Oregon and Washington. Volunteers are an essential part of the Oregon Food Banks program. It is through the generous giving of time as a volunteer at the […]

Tigard OR Dentist: Oral Hygiene Advice For One Direction’s Harry Styles

Recently Harry Styles the teen heart throb from boy band One Direction posted a Vine video of him brushing his teeth.  But he may need some Oral Hygiene Advice. As a Tigard OR Dentist I would like to offer Harry a few pointers that might help him improve his oral hygiene and maintain those pearly […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: Dental Needs of the Elderly

As a Dentist in Tigard OR, Dr. Justin Marostica understands that the dental needs of the elderly like their medical needs to be constantly evaluated as more correlations exist between the two.  The oral cavity, like other parts of the body, is subject to problems of chronic diseases associated with the aging process.  In 1967 […]

Tigard Dentist: 5 Reasons Brushing Your Teeth Can Save Your Life

Tigard Dentist, Dr. Justin Marostica, knows that brushing your teeth can literally save your life.  We all know brushing your teeth removes unwanted plaque and bacteria which can lead to things like cavities and gingivitis, but recently studies have shown that by simply brushing our teeth can help limit life threatening diseases. Proper brushing is also […]

Tigard Dentist Visits Central Oregon for a Dental Convention

Tigard Dentist, Dr. Justin Marostica, recently visited Central Oregon for a dental convention. This was a two day event held at Eagle Crest Resort and sponsored by Advantage Dental. The Convention was attended by over one hundred dentists from all areas of the Northwest including Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The event kicked off with keynote […]

Tigard OR Dentist: How You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures

You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures! I am a Dentist in Tigard OR and a frequent question I get from patients who wear dentures is, “How can I have better fitting dentures?”  My answer is almost always, “have you considered dental implants?”  Before dental implants were readily used as a way to replace missing teeth […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: When Should I Teach My Kids To Floss?

When should I teach my kids to floss is a common question I get as Dentist in Tigard OR.  Most of the time this question comes from a concerned parent who might be a first time parent or sometimes it comes from a parent who has multiple children of all different ages. What I have […]