Dentist in Tigard OR: Top 5 Most Creative Ways To Take Out A Baby Tooth

I am a dentist in Tigard OR and my daughter who is almost 6 years old just lost her first tooth.  Since I pull out teeth for a living taking out a baby tooth that is hanging by a thread is a piece of cake, but it made me think of creative ways to take out baby teeth.

So naturally I turned to YouTube to help me find the Top 5 most creative ways to take out a baby tooth.  Now I don’t condone or recommend taking baby teeth out in this way, as it can cause injury to surrounding teeth, your child’s face, and could possibly scare or frighten your child from seeking dental care from a dentist, but I do admire the creativity of some people to take out a baby tooth.

#5. How to pull a loose tooth Motocross style.

#4. Tooth Removed By RC Car.

#3. Bow and Arrow Tooth Removal.

#2. Nerf Rocket Tooth Removal.

#1. How to take a baby tooth out with a rocket.

Now taking out a baby tooth is not rocket science. People have been doing it for gazillions of years, but you want to make it an enjoyable and non-threatening experience. The first time a child has a tooth removed regardless of how loose the tooth really is, they will be nervous. As a parent it is important that you explain to them that this is a natural process so that their grown up teeth can come it. Maybe even share with them your experience losing your first tooth.

You might not believe it but your child will remember this experience and the better you can make it the happier they will be. It will also help them establish the same routine and traditions in their own children so they too will have a good experience. Again as a dentist in Tigard OR I don’t recommend taking your child’s teeth out in any of the videos that have been shown! But make it a good experience and one that will give them pleasant memories for years to come.

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