Dentist Tigard OR: 6 Reasons Why The Dentist Wants To Remove Wisdom Teeth

As a Dentist in Tigard OR, I am questioned quite often about the need to remove wisdom teeth.  Wisdom Tooth or the 3rd Molar is the most commonly extracted tooth. Wisdom Teeth or 3rd molar teeth are being considered as vestigial parts of the human body, similar to the human tail bone, as with evolution […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: School is Out, Don’t Forget Your Dental Appointment

As if the summer isn’t busy enough right!  Well, your Dentist in Tigard OR reminds you: Don’t Forget Your Dental Appointment before school starts again.  Summer is full of fun events, vacations, and activities, but one appointment that usually gets over looked is that appointment with the dentist.  Most parents remember the dentist about the week before […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: How Invisalign Can Give You Straight Teeth

Want to know How Invisalign Can Give You Straight Teeth?  Dr. Justin Marostica a Dentist in Tigard OR has been using Invisalign to give his patients straight teeth for over 4 years now.  He has done many cases and has had many satisfied patients.  But why is it so important to have straight teeth other […]

Portland, OR Dentist Reveals Secrets to Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance

It’s June, and for a dentist in Portland, OR like me, there’s only one thing that is on my mind… insurance! It’s probably not the answer you would expect, since June brings with it the Portland Rose Festival, high school and college graduations, summer vacation, and hopefully summer weather as well. So let me explain. Dental […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: 9 Places I Would Never Leave My Toothbrush

I am Dentist in Tigard OR and I recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, but there are 9 places that I would never leave my toothbrush when I am done.  Some of the places are obvious ones and ones that you have heard of before, but some of the places might surprise you.  Many […]

Portland OR Dentist Helps You Navigate The Dental Obstacle Course

Do you want to Navigate The Dental Obstacle Course?  Time, fear and money.  These are the 3 most popular obstacles that keep people from going to the dentist regularly.  I want to address each obstacle and offer some solutions to each  one. This first obstacle is time.  More specifically, the lack of it.  Work, school, […]

TenderCare Dental Hygienist Presents ODHA Award To Graduating Hygienists

Tracy Campos a Hygienist at TenderCare Dental in Tigard, OR recently presented an award to the graduating hygienists.  Tracy was asked by the Oregon Dental Hygiene Association to present an award at the graduation of a Portland, Oregon Hygiene School. Last year, Tracy received the same award and was honored to present this years Future […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from your Tigard Dentist

Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica would like to wish you and all his patients a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Tigard TenderCare Dental is celebrating by giving a rose to all their patients who are scheduled for an appointment today.  Thank you to all of our wonderful patients. If you or someone you know needs dental care […]