Tigard OR Dentist: Oral Hygiene Advice For One Direction’s Harry Styles

Recently Harry Styles the teen heart throb from boy band One Direction posted a Vine video of him brushing his teeth.  But he may need some Oral Hygiene Advice. As a Tigard OR Dentist I would like to offer Harry a few pointers that might help him improve his oral hygiene and maintain those pearly whites.

First I would like to urge young Harry Styles to make twice a day brushing a habit along with flossing.  Brushing is most effective after breakfast and before you go to bed.  You should also remember to brush your teeth for approximately two minutes each time.  Although the video is short Harry needs to remember that he should not brush in “One Direction” (I couldn’t resist) and should make sure to brush his molars as much as his front teeth.

Second I suggest that One Direction’s lead singer invest in an electric toothbrush.  My personal favorite and the one I have seen most effective in my patients is Philips Sonicare Toothbrush.  If used properly and for two minutes your teeth will be the cleanest any toothbrush can possibly get them.  Now the toothbrush might be a little expensive but I promise it is worth the money and I am sure Harry Styles can afford this toothbrush.

Third I recommend using a mouthwash after flossing and brushing your teeth.  I believe not any mouthwash will do, but Harry should find one that has sodium fluoride.  This will remineralize his enamel, reduce the amount of bacteria in his mouth, and ultimately give him fresher breath.

These are just a few pointer I have for Harry Styles of One Direction.  I am sure by the looks of it that he has immaculate oral hygiene and visits his dentist regularly.  Thanks Harry for inspiring many young females to improve and keep up good oral hygiene.

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