Dentist Tigard OR: Why Grills Can Be Harmful to Teeth

It seems that Pop Stars and Rappers are starting the Grills comeback, but as a Dentist in Tigard OR, I want them to know why Grills can be harmful to teeth.  First of all, Grills are a type of jewelry that is worn over the teeth.  It is typically removable and can be made from a variety of different metals.  Grills were actually made popular in the early 1980’s, but hit mainstream in the mid-2000’s when rappers and hip hop artists began wearing them.  It was thought that Grills had faded away, but it seems they have found their way back into pop culture.

Celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, and Kanye West wearing Grills.
Celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, and Kanye West wearing Grills.












In June 2006 the American Dental Association reported that they had not conducted any long term studies on Grills.  It is true that if a Grill fits properly and is worn intermittently that there is a low risk for severe dental problems.  There are a few precautions that a Grill wearer should take.

First make sure that the you don’t have an allergy to certain metals like nickel.  Many inexpensive Grills can be made from metals that to some wears might evoke an allergic reaction.  If you know that you have a metal allergy you might think twice about inserting a Grill in your mouth.

Second be cautious of Grills that require having the teeth reshaped.  Reshaping or contouring of  teeth should only be done by a licensed dentist and I am fairly certain many dental professionals would agree to reshape teeth for a Grill.  Reshaping teeth is permanent and can cause serious damage to teeth if done improperly.

Third and most common, wearing a Grill for extending periods can cause severe gum disease, cavities, and even bone loss around teeth.  If left untreated these thing can ultimately cause tooth loss.  When a Grill is worn for a long time, bacteria will be trapped under the Grill and around the teeth.  The reaction of the gums will be inflammation while the bacteria will adhere to the teeth and begin the cavity process.

If you decide you are going to get a Grill make sure to only wear it periodically and that you particularly attentive to your oral hygiene.  You should follow a consistent routine of twice a day brushing and daily flossing.  Make sure to remove the Grill before eating and to rinse it to remove plaque.  If you have more questions about Grills and their affects on teeth, talk to you Dentist.

Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs wearing a grill.
Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs wearing a grill.














Now I don’t think Grills will fade away quickly and as a Dentist in Tigard OR I think they look pretty cool, but make sure to take certain precautions when deciding to wear one.  Also remember the best Grill anyone can wear is clean pearly whites.

Post written by Dr. Justin Marostica of TenderCare Dental in Tigard OR.