Tigard OR Dentist: How You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures

You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures! I am a Dentist in Tigard OR and a frequent question I get from patients who wear dentures is, “How can I have better fitting dentures?”  My answer is almost always, “have you considered dental implants?”  Before dental implants were readily used as a way to replace missing teeth or to secure a denture, dentists were using a series of relines, or adding material in order for the denture to adapt better to the tissue.  This effort although effective in the short term never seemed to be a great long term solution as the tissue and bone supporting the denture would change.

There are many advantages to adding dental implants to support a denture, but the two most important are that they will keep the denture from moving and second they will maintain the bone and tissue levels that also help support the denture.  The outcome is a denture that fits and doesn’t move and a denture that rarely if ever has to be relined.

A common concern and misconception many times is that the implant process is very painful.  Contrary to the belief of many people the implant process is not that painful and is far less painful then having teeth extracted.  Generally speaking, but not always, the teeth extractions and dental implants can be done at the same time which will minimize the number of appointments and time needed for healing.  Most of the time once the dental implants are placed there will be time given for the dental implants to heal.  This will allow the dentist to examine how the dental implants integrated with the bone.

Another common misconception is that dental implants are terribly expensive.  This might have been the case many years ago when dental implant technology was relatively new, but now you will find most general dentist place their own implants like Dr. Justin Marostica a Dentist in Tigard OR.  This most of the time eliminates the need to visit an expensive specialist.

Having dental implants to support your dentures is the best way and most successful way to keep your dentures from moving.  You will be able to eat hard chewy foods again and be able to laugh without the fear of your denture flopping out of your mouth.  Give us a call today 503-670-7088 at TenderCare Dental in Tigard OR to schedule your consultation with Dr. Justin Marostica.