Is my bad tooth salvageable?

The prospect of losing a damaged, decayed or otherwise-compromised tooth is quite daunting. Meet with our experienced dentists and we will closely analyze your unique tooth to determine if it can be salvaged or if a replacement is the better course of action.  Let’s take a quick look at what is considered when making a […]

Is Invisalign a better option than braces?

Plenty of people are still under the impression that conventional braces are the only means of straightening crooked teeth.  Thanks to advances in dental technology, Invisalign is now available to move wayward teeth back into place and even correct spacing issues.  Though Invisalign has the potential to cost more than regular braces, its merits are […]

What are the steps for dental implant install?

There is a common misconception that the addition of dental implants is egregiously painful or takes a year to complete.  The truth is the process of osseointegration necessary to add dental implants to the mouth typically takes six months or less.  Furthermore, the installation of dental implants is relatively painless.  Let’s take a quick look […]