Is my bad tooth salvageable?

The prospect of losing a damaged, decayed or otherwise-compromised tooth is quite daunting. Meet with our experienced dentists and we will closely analyze your unique tooth to determine if it can be salvaged or if a replacement is the better course of action.  Let’s take a quick look at what is considered when making a decision of this magnitude. 

Extraction is not the Only Option

Do not assume extracting the damaged or decayed tooth is the sole option.  Thanks to improvements in dental technology, our dentist has myriad approaches available to salvage your compromised tooth.  However, if your tooth cannot be salvaged, we will level with you and explain your options for replacement.  If possible, we will add a filling to the tooth.  Fillings are suitable for teeth with slight decay.  Our dentist will clean out this decay and fill the area with a filling. 

If the tooth has considerable decay yet the root is still fairly healthy, a root canal will likely prove to be the best option.  The dentist must drill down farther than necessary with a regular filling in order to clear out the decayed portion of the tooth.  A crown will be added to safeguard the tooth from additional problems.

Addressing Cracked Teeth

If you have a cracked tooth, do not assume extraction is the only course of action.  Cracked tooth treatment hinges on the extent of the fracture.  If a small part of the filling or enamel is chipped, our dentist will likely be able to add bonding material or a new filling to repair the compromised portion.  It might also be possible to position a crown over the area that broke off to safeguard the remaining portion of the tooth.  Additional solutions include endodontic surgery to eliminate the fractured part of the tooth, a root canal, and extraction.

Tooth Extraction

Most patients fear the prospect of extracting a damaged or decayed tooth.  However, our dental practice only resorts to extraction if the decay is particularly pervasive.  Furthermore, if the gums are deeply infected and can no longer provide the structural support necessary for the tooth, extraction will be considered.  In such an instance, all of the impacted teeth will require extraction. 

If our dentist determines extraction is the best course of action, either dentures or dental implants must be put in the open position(s).  These tooth replacement solutions help maintain your oral health, enhance smile beauty and prevent the remaining adjacent teeth from moving into the areas opened through extraction.

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