What are the steps for dental implant install?

There is a common misconception that the addition of dental implants is egregiously painful or takes a year to complete.  The truth is the process of osseointegration necessary to add dental implants to the mouth typically takes six months or less.  Furthermore, the installation of dental implants is relatively painless.  Let’s take a quick look at the steps necessary to add a dental implant to the mouth.

The Beginning of the Dental Implant Process

If you are missing one or several teeth, are a non-smoker and have a relatively strong jaw, you are likely a good candidate for dental implants.  Meet with our dentist, let us review your health and jawbone and we will likely approve you for dental implants.  There is no reason to fear this procedure as it is performed under anesthesia. 

Once you are cleared for dental implants, the initial step is connecting a titanium implant to your jawbone.  This implant fuses to the jaw through a process referred to as osseointegration.  This process occurs across a period of three to six months.  Bone cells connect with the implant rod during this period of time, filling in spaces to keep the implant firmly in place.

Connecting the Post

The next step is for the dentist to connect a post, also known as an abutment, to the implant.  Gum tissue subsequently grows around the implant.  There is a chance the dentist will determine the implant and post should be placed at the same time.  The implant and post function together as an anchor of sorts for the artificial tooth.

What are the steps to installing a dental implant.

Attaching the Crown

Once the implant and post are firmly in place, the next step is to connect the crown.  The crown added to your mouth will be created specifically for you based on impressions of your unique teeth and models of your mouth.  This customized crown is firmly connected to the implant post, empowering you to munch through food of all varieties, breaking it down into small pieces to ameliorate the digestion process.  In other words, your dental implant will look and function just like a regular tooth.

The Timeline of Dental Implant Installation

Though the surgery to position dental implants merely takes a couple of hours, the entire process requires a longer time commitment.  As long as you are willing to wait the three to six months necessary for the aforementioned process of osseointegration to occur, you will have a truly reliable set of beautiful dental implants that remain firmly in place across posterity.  Your dental implant will serve you well across the next decade, two decades or possibly even the remainder of your life.  Continue to floss and brush your dental implants as you would your normal teeth and you will have done your part to extend their lifespan. 

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