Movie Glasses At our Tigard Dental Practice

Dental anxiety is the number one reason most people avoid going to the dentist. Dr. Justin Marostica at your Tigard TenderCare office is passionate about making his patients feel comfortable. Dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is the fear of dentistry and receiving dental care. It is estimated that 75% of adults in the United States […]

Creative Ways to Get Your Children to Care For Their Teeth

Most children love the month of October because of the Halloween holiday. They will anticipate the trick-or-treating and gather up candy from their evening outing. But all the candy can damage your children’s teeth. Here at TenderCare Dental we are committed to your families health and we want to provide you with creative ways to […]

How to Instruct Preschool Aged Child to Clean Their Teeth

We often get questions from anxious parents about how to properly instruct their preschool aged child how to clean his or her teeth.  We believe that young children can take some responsibility for their oral health.  Tooth cleaning should be encouraged as another activity the child can begin to master. We counsel parents to slowly […]