Creative Ways to Get Your Children to Care For Their Teeth

Creative Ways to Get Your Children to Care For Their Teeth

Most children love the month of October because of the Halloween holiday. They will anticipate the trick-or-treating and gather up candy from their evening outing. But all the candy can damage your children’s teeth. Here at TenderCare Dental we are committed to your families health and we want to provide you with creative ways to care for their teeth.

Most children don’t think about their oral health, but the goal is to make caring for their teeth enjoyable.

Brush with Cartoon Characters

Most children find brushing their teeth a little tedious, especially after eating tasty Halloween candy. One thing you can do to help your children from getting cavities is to encourage them to brush their teeth immediately after they eat the candy. If your children dislike brushing their teeth, get them a toothbrush that has a favorite character on it. Many electronic toothbrushes are designed for children have popular characters on them. Some even play musical themes from tv shows.

Go on A Smile Field Trip

Finding a toothpaste that your children enjoy can be a chore in itself. One way to combat the toothpaste flavor blues is to bring your child along for a “smile file trip.” Have them pick out a flavor and this can empower them to make healthy choices and use it more often.
Children always like to be included in decisions and the choice you make as an adult. This can help empower them. Many brand’s have children’s toothpastes flavors designed for children, such as bubble gum, strawberry or cinnamon.

Floss with a Punch

Lets get real, most kids hate flossing. That is why we love the idea of Gumchucks. They are designed to help kids learn and love flossing.
Gumchucks are packed with fun! There are creative designs, that are fun with bright colors, and engaging characters that help children get a better grip so flossing is more fun.

Rinse with Flavors

You children will eat candy and the sugar can rest in between their teeth, which will cause cavities. Brushing and flossing is important, but rinsing their mouth is also a key element to caring for their teeth.

This can help to help protect their teeth and help maintain healthy gums. For children it is important to choose an alcohol-free mouth rinse that can also come in a kid-friendly flavor. The best age to start children on mouthwash is 6 years or older but it can vary depending on your child’s needs.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

Children can stay cavity free by chewing sugar free gum. To help protect your children’s teeth between brushing their teeth and after eating meals on the go, give them some Kids sugar free gum. This can help stimulate extra saliva flow in their mouth, and this can clear the mouth of unwanted food debris. Flavors like strawberry banana and original bubblegum make this a great addition to their oral health routine. They will love the gum so much they may forget about their Halloween Candy.

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