Why You Should Go to the Dentist on Your Birthday

When someone feels the symptoms of a heart attack coming on, that person takes a drug called nitroglycerin. It’s a little tiny pill you put under your tongue. Within about three seconds, that pill under your tongue widens your blood vessels and makes it easier for blood to flow through the heart. So what does that tell you about your mouth? If you have decay in your teeth, it can be impacting your heart within seconds.

If that isn’t reason enough to go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, what is?

Go To The Dentist On Your Birthday

A birthday is a celebration of life. Another year older, another year wiser. It also means another year has passed.

Children at birthday party eating cake

Everyone should get their teeth cleaned on their birthday for a couple of reasons. The first, it’s easy to remember. When your birthday rolls around, you’ll think… ah I have got to get my teeth cleaned. The second, you are improving your health.  Call it your birthday present to your loved ones. You’ll be there for your family for a longer period of time. Dental health is so instrumental to your overall health. Which is why you should also…

Get A Physical On Your Birthday

When you schedule a physical with your doctor, you are going to find out about problems earlier along in the process. At a time when they’re easier and less expensive to treat, and when health problems have better outcomes.

Woman blowing out birthday candles

There are people who are constantly sick and they can never figure out what is wrong. They might even be taking medications. What they don’t realize is their hygiene could very well be keeping them in a constant state of sickness. It may not be the total reason, but it’s not helping them. Good oral and overall hygiene could easily be something that could help them get past constantly feeling sick. We recommend eating some fresh fruits and vegetables, going for a walk, brushing your teeth three times a day, and getting a regular cleaning at the dentist.

How long do the effects of a dental cleaning last?

Although we recommend coming in every six months for a professional cleaning, that doesn’t mean you’re good to go for the next six months. Your teeth start to have the same type of decay after a few days away from the dental office. This means oral hygiene must be maintained 365 days a year.

Schedule an appointment with your TenderCare Dental dentist on your upcoming birthday, or half-birthday, today!