Top 5 Foods Known to Cause Bad Breath

There is something about the savory and delicious taste of some foods that you just can’t pass up, regardless of what they do to your breath. However, anyone that you talk to after you have eaten these types of foods will likely wish you had passed it up. We’ve comprised a list is of the top five foods known to cause unpleasant breath and the reasons behind it.



1. Canned Tuna


Canned tuna can make a quick an easy meal that is often enjoyed on sandwiches, salads, or crackers. Though, this seafood snack can leave a lasting impression on your breath. As seafood begins to oxidize, which usually happens in the canning process, it leaves behind a sour stench. Which then can be smelled on your breath. Brushing your teeth and tongue thoroughly and flossing can help mitigate the stench. For those instances when you don’t have a toothbrush nearby, you can try rinsing your mouth thoroughly to help wash away any odor-causing residue.



2. Onions


Anytime that makes your eyes water when you cut into due to its pungent smell, you know will have serious consequences on your breath. Onions have a sulfur compound that passes from your mouth into your bloodstream and leaves your body when you exhale. Mint can often be used to mask the odors, but the smell will continue to linger until it completely leaves your bloodstream.


Garlic in foods-min


3. Garlic


Garlic is uniquely flavorful and aromatic and is a primary ingredient in a lot of your favorite foods. Giving up garlic entirely is almost an impossible task, but eating it in moderate amounts can help reduce bad breath. Much like onions, garlic is also sulfuric and lingers in your bloodstream long-after eating. Once ingested, our bodies produce several sulfur-containing gases that creates a bitter aroma that escapes through your pores and mouth. Applying good dental hygiene techniques after eating garlic-heavy meals will help reduce smelly odors escaping through your mouth.


4. Meat


For many of us, nothing beats a juicy steak and mouthwatering baked potato, but this part of your diet can also cause bad breath. Food particles can become stuck between your teeth allowing odor related bacteria to sink in. It is important to floss after every meal, especially if there is any kind of meat involved.



5. Sugary Treats


If your paranoid about having unpleasant breath, it is important to avoid sugary foods. The remnants of sugary treats and candies left behind in your teeth serve as a food source for odor causing bacteria, or plaque. When plaque builds up on your teeth and gums it can lead to gum disease, cavities, or other dental related issues. Reducing the number of soft drinks, candy, and other sweets that you consume can help eliminate this problem. It is important to brush, floss and rinse after eating sugary snacks or beverages. Sugar-free gum and candy are good options to satisfy your sweet tooth as long as you use proper cleaning techniques after eating them.


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