Tooth Trivia


Teeth, the strongest part of the body, are truly amazing. They help us eat amazing meals and share a friendly smile when greeting a friend. That said, we don’t often know a whole lot about our pearly whites. Don’t worry, TenderCare Dental has you covered.  Here’s some fun tooth trivia to make you smile.



Prehistoric kids didn’t have sugar. Thanks to a forager diet with the occasional animal protein, prehistoric kids didn’t exactly chowing down on sugary candy bars. Therefore, because they didn’t eat sugar, the American Dental Association believes they also didn’t have to worry about tooth decay. Fast forward to today, limiting the amount of sweets in your own diet can help ensure a strong, healthy smile in the modern age.



Prehistoric toothbrush



Dental cleanings are old; toothbrushes are fairly modern. Did you know that ancient forms of tooth cleaning involved chewing on tree bark, brushing with sticks or brushing with a “a powdery substance made from eggshells and oxen hooves”? The first modern toothbrush, built by William Addis in the 1700s, boar bristles on a bone handle. As a result from its popularity, Addis’s toothbrush became the first of its kind to be mass produced. Looking at the images above, we’ve sure come a long way!



Teeth contain stem cells. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could use genetic materials from one tooth to grow another? Scientists believe this might be possible. Teeth contain stem cells, therefore, the cells can be used to regrow human teeth. If successful, it will be the first-time technology can offer a biological replacement for a damaged or missing adult tooth.



facts about your teeth



Teeth are amazing, but the best smile to strive for, is a strong one. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are a great way to keep your grin looking its best. For information about your specific needs, talk to one of our oral care professionals at TenderCare Dental. With eight offices around the Portland area, the best in dental care is never away!