Tigard Dentist: Eliminate Loose Dentures

Tigard Dentist can improve the fit of your dentures by using dental implants.

Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica has seen tremendous improvements in Dentistry that now provide a simplified, cost effective long-term solution for denture wears. Decades of University based research and recent advances in the field of Dental Implants now allow for the predictable elimination of most problems associated with dentures and an improved quality of life.

Current advances in Implant Dentistry can now eliminate the chronic looseness and movement of dentures as well as the need for adhesives and denture glues.  The other most significant advantages of dental implants include: Preservation of the jaw bone once teeth are lost, elimination of soreness by holding dentures securely in place,  the ability to eat any foods and chew with great effieciency as well as providing the confidence and security of dentures not slipping or coming loose while speaking, laughing, or yawning in public.

The increased chewing ability and food selection obtained by dentures supported by dental implants has been proven to provide for better nutrition and digestion with decreased health complications. Some dental implants such as Zimmer Dental Implant System have been designed to be placed in the jaw in a simplified manner requiring only one minor surgical procedure most often done in a dental office with local (Novocaine) numbing. This “Stage 1” procedure also allows for a minimal healing time before attachments are placed with no discomfort to connect the overlying denture.  The simplification of this process along with the use of new components designed for denture wearers has also reduced the cost of this once lengthy and expensive procedure.

Dental Implant companies such as Zimmer Dental have been providing education and support to dental professionals thourghout the World to assure that the long term predictability of these procedures can be available to everyone.

The magnitude of benefits to comfort, health, and self-confidence are so well proven and significant that Implant Retained Dentures are becoming the standard of care for anyone who has or will be needing dentures.

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