Tigard Dentist Cosmetic Dentures

cTigard Dentist Dr. Marostica of TenderCare Dental is that kind of dentist. Dr. Marostica has been practicing dentistry in the Tigard area for over 5 years and is accomplished in many areas of dentistry such as dentures, dental implants, oral surgery, root canals, and dental crowns.  His office is equiped with the latest technology for all of your dental needs.

This is a recent case where a patients upper teeth were not savable, so the patient elected to have them taken out and denture placed.  Great care was taken to ensure an exact and comfortable fit of the denture.  This required planning both from the doctor and the patient.  There were a few fitting appointments and try in appointments to get the most accurate fit to the dentures.  When the desired fit was found the remaining teeth were removed and the denture was placed immediate, so that patient was never without teeth.

The patient as soon as the dentue was placed, the patient said that it felt great and was elated at the appearance of the teeth.  After the dentures are placed Dr. Marostica recognizes that there will need to be adjustments, so he schedules follow up appointments to ensure patient comfort with their new denture.

If you or someone you know needs a denture TenderCare Dental in Tigard offers a free consultation.  This will allow you to speak one on one with the dentist to plan for the most ideal treatment. Just give us a call at Tigard TenderCare Dental 503-670-7088 or visit us online Tigard TenderCare Dental.