Tigard TenderCare Dental Staff Is Grateful For Their Teeth During Thanksgiving

Tigard TenderCare Dental Staff is grateful for their teeth during Thanksgiving and you should be too!  We don’t realize how important our teeth are until we don’t have them anymore.  It’s the truth!  Once your teeth are gone your life and health will change drastically. As a dentist in Tigard, Oregon for several year I […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: Dental Needs of the Elderly

As a Dentist in Tigard OR, Dr. Justin Marostica understands that the dental needs of the elderly like their medical needs to be constantly evaluated as more correlations exist between the two.  The oral cavity, like other parts of the body, is subject to problems of chronic diseases associated with the aging process.  In 1967 […]

Tigard, OR Dentist Provides Top Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

Providing top quality cosmetic dentistry is always the goal for Tigard, OR Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica.  He believes that every time be restores a tooth it should be to its most natural form possible and that includes its color, shape and size.  Dentistry continues to evolve and so do the materials that we use to […]