Social Media Catch-up: Week 2 February 2016


Whether you need an implant or a standard tooth restoration, your mouth is in good hands with Dr. Thompson! With hours of continuing education in modern dentistry, and an emphasis in restoration, he’ll help restore your smile to its original radiance!




Sleep apnea isn’t only disruptive to your sleep, it can be a dangerous health condition. Do you know what untreated sleep apnea is doing to your body? You may be surprised by its effects.




Great dental care doesn’t have to be difficult, and knowing a few simple tips can really help you do what’s best for your mouth! What dental tips do you practice to keep your mouth healthy?




Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile and restore your confidence! Our cosmetic dentistry services can take care of all of your various cosmetic dental concerns. What do you want to improve about your smile?





Until Valentine’s Day, the Newmark Theatre in Portland is running “Geronimo Stilton: Mouse in Space”! A perfect way to spend an afternoon having fun in the city with the family!




All of those sweets can be scary for your teeth! While Halloween is a while away, it’s never too early to learn how to enjoy your favorite treats while still keeping your smile healthy!


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