Social Media Catch-up: April 8th – 14th, 2016


Meet Dr. Andrew Thompson!

He’s a Portland dentist that is proud to provide you and your family with the high level of care and commitment you deserve.

Find out more about him:

Andrew Thompson DMD



Live your life the way you want to with Invisalign!

There is no better time to straighten your teeth thanks to our Invisalign special happening right now.




Make brushing and flossing a family event!

When the whole family makes an effort to brush together, it helps everyone develop good dental hygiene skills for life.




We always love meeting new smiles!

On your first visit you can expect a review of your complete dental history, x-rays of your teeth and mouth, and an oral exam to ensure we provide you with the personalized care you deserve.…/your-first-tendercare-dental-appoin…/




Portland Community College is helping to save the bees!

PCC is the fourth higher education institution in our nation that has become certified as an affiliate to promote the benefits of pollinators.




Having trouble getting your kids to care for their teeth?

From brushing with cartoons to rinsing with flavors, we have the tips and tricks to help improve your child’s oral care.

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