The Scariest Halloween Candy for Your Teeth


As soon as the fall weather takes hold, attention quickly turns to Halloween. There’s plenty to love: costumes, parties and candy by the bucketful. For your teeth, however, Halloween candy can be a scary prospect. The good news is that by avoiding the trickiest of treats, your cavity concerns will be obsolete! Here’s what you need to know about the scariest Halloween candy for your teeth.



Taffy is Tricky

Many dentists agree that chewy candies, including gummies and taffy, are one of the worst for your smile. Chewy and gummy candies that stick to your teeth making them harder to break down and remove. The longer the sugar stays behind, the more bacteria it creates. Bacteria can then lead to other issues like cavities and gingivitis.


Sour Candies Aren’t So Sweet

Sour candies offer a unique delight: a pout-puckering punch followed by sweet, sugary relief. The problem is that the acidity in most sour candies can wreak havoc on enamel. Acid weakens the surface of your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities.



Hard Pass on Hard Candies

In addition to sometimes being strong enough to chip or crack a tooth, hard candies require more saliva and time in the mouth to break down. This means subjecting the teeth to sugary saliva over and over until the candy is consumed. Sweets that break down quickly tend to be better choices. If you absolutely must have that lollypop, try to drink a glass of water with it or brush right after. This will help wash away any remaining sugar residue.



Other Spooky Snacks



Other Spooky Snacks

While dental professionals tend to focus on the scariest Halloween candies, popcorn balls and caramel and candy apples—common fall-time treats—aren’t much better. While popcorn balls can be tough to chew and will often leave kernels or other tiny bits between the teeth, caramel and candy apples cause similar problems to other sticky and hard sweets. Take equal caution with these dressed-up treats.



Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Chocolate candies are your best bet. These coco treats tend to break down quickly and can be easily washed off teeth. Dark chocolate, which tends to have less sugar than the milk or white options, is the best bet. Trick-or-treaters are in luck, as this also tends to be one of the most popular sweets this time of year.



Chocolate Lovers Rejoice


By simply enjoying sweets in moderation and passing on the scariest of treats for your teeth, everyone can have a fun holiday without worry. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can also help mitigate any damage caused by too many treats. For the latest and best information about your specific needs, talk to the dental professionals at TenderCare Dental!