Portland’s Guide on Teeth Grinding: Causes & Solutions

Did you know that nearly 8% of adults experience teeth grinding, scientifically known as bruxism? 

At TenderCare Dental, a reputable Dental Group located in Portland, Oregon, we provide holistic solutions for patients with this condition. Our team is ready to assist if you’re in Portland and need help with teeth grinding.


Understanding the root cause of a condition is the first step to finding a solution. 

In this case, the causes of teeth grinding vary:

  1. Stress: High stress levels can trigger bruxism. Stress teeth grinding is a common occurrence among many adults.
  2. Sleep disorders: Sleep teeth grinding is associated with conditions like sleep apnea.
  3. Lifestyle factors: Highly caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and certain medications can lead to teeth grinding.


Often, people don’t realize they grind their teeth until symptoms start surfacing. At TenderCare Dental, the top dental group in Portland, Oregon, our providers can help identify teeth-grinding symptoms. 

Some common symptoms include:

  1. – Facial pain
  2. – Headaches
  3. – Wear and tear on teeth
  4. – Disturbed sleep

Ignoring these symptoms can lead to further complications, such as jaw disorders and damaged teeth.

Our providers at TenderCare Dental provide effective teeth-grinding solutions. Here are a few ways your Portland dentist can help:

  1.  Identification and treatment: Accurate identification of teeth grinding is crucial. TenderCare Dental in Portland, Oregon, provides this vital first step and effective treatment plans.
  1. Mouth guards: This is one of the prevalent solutions for teeth grinding. Our team provides high-quality and customized mouthguards for teeth grinding for Portland residents.
  1.  Stress management counseling: Since stress can lead to teeth grinding, stress management counseling can help prevent this issue.


Alongside professional dental solutions in Portland, TenderCare Dental also provides guidance for natural solutions to teeth grinding, such as:

  1. Stress management techniques like yoga and meditation.
  2. Lifestyle changes include avoiding caffeine and alcohol.
  3.  Establishing good sleep patterns.


Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of teeth grinding or looking for preventative care, make TenderCare Dental your chosen dental clinic. We’re here to help Portland residents achieve optimal dental health.


1. What are the primary causes of teeth grinding?

– High stress levels and sleep disorders are the primary causes.

2. What are the effects of teeth grinding?

– The effects include facial pain, headaches, wear and tear on teeth, and disturbed sleep.

3. What are some solutions for teeth grinding?

– Some solutions include professional treatment at TenderCare Dental, using mouthguards, and stress management techniques.

At TenderCare Dental, we understand the cause and effect of teeth grinding. Come and experience top-notch Oregon dental services, remedies for teeth grinding, and more at our Portland Dental Group. After all, your dental health is our priority.