Portland OR Dentist: 6 Signs Your Kids Might Need Braces

“Does my kid need braces?”, is a frequent question Portland, OR dentist Dr. Justin Marostica gets from concerned parents. So to help parents understand if their kid might need braces or orthodontics, Dr. Marostica has come up with 6 signs to look for that might mean your kid needs braces.

6 Signs Your Kids Might Need Braces.
Regular examinations by the dentist can help determine if your child needs braces.
  1. Crossbite. A crossbite can happen with one tooth or a group of teeth and has to do with the fact that the teeth do not overlap properly.  If your kid has one or more teeth that seem to be closer to the tongue or cheek than usual this might mean that they have a crossbite. Your child’s dentist notice this on any examination.  This something that should be addressed quickly since it can lead to severe bite alignment problems as the child gets older. Also when treated early it will reduce the cost in the future.
  2. Crowded Teeth. It is common to see crowded teeth in children. Usually as the grow their jaws will expand and teeth will move into place, but sometimes crowding is so severe that early intervention using braces or expansion can help the teeth come in properly. When not corrected, severe crowding can lead to teeth not erupting properly and an increased risk of cavities. You will notice severe crowding by just looking at the teeth or if your child complains that flossing is very difficult.
  3. Trouble Chewing. When a child’s teeth are not properly aligned chewing food can become difficult.  You might notice your child favoring one side or not completely chewing their food before swallowing.  This is something that should be addressed early since it can lead to more severe problems as the child gets older.
  4. Speech Impediment. Now speech problems don’t necessarily come from teeth problems, however, sometimes early orthodontics can help correct a severe lisp or other speech impediment. Consultation with your dentist or orthodontist might help.
  5. Overbite or Underbite. If you think your child might have an overbite or underbite ask them to give you a big smile. If your child’s lower teeth overlap their upper teeth, your child could have an underbite. If their lower teeth seem really far back compared to their upper teeth they might have an overbite. This usually requires braces or some type of orthodontic intervention to be corrected. If caught early the orthodontics can be more effective and possibily take less time.
  6. Irregular Loss of Baby Teeth. All children loss teeth at different times. However if you notice a child losing teeth earlier or later than normal there could be a problem. Another indicator might be the rate at which they are losing the teeth too. Your dentist using x-rays can exam the alignment of permanent teeth as the baby teeth are being lost.
Braces can help correct teeth alignment problems in kids rather quickly.
Braces can help correct teeth alignment problems in kids rather quickly.

Regular visits to your Portland, OR Dentist will help identify potential problems that could result in the need for braces. If you have concerns you should not hesitate to contact your dentist and seek recommendations.

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