Oral Health Effects of Drinking Soda

Summer is a great time for outdoor picnics and BBQ’s. With outdoor eating often come refreshing cool drinks and beverages. Many people turn to soda and carbonated beverages in the summer time, but from a dentist’s perspective we want to share the oral health implications of drinking soda.

Here at Tendercare Dental in the Portland, OR metro area we have many patients who ask us about soda and the effects it can have on their health. Drinking soda can be devastating on your smile. Not only is soda full of sugar, but also it has been linked to diabetes, obesity, cavities and tooth decay.

Soda is sugar and corn syrup, which makes it highly toxic to your body.

To paint a better picture of the effects sugar can have on your health, here are some effects of how dangerous it really is.

Damage Your Bones
Prosperous acid will weaken your bones and it can damage your teeth. The acid in soda is a chemical that can eat away at your bone structure and it can weekend the bodies’ ability to move. Tooth discoloration is common as well. Avoid drinking soda and diet soda to prevent acid corrosion in your bones and on your teeth.

Chemical Color
The brownish color you see in soda is created from a chemical. The chemical Carmel is highly toxic and cosmetic. It is made in a factory and doesn’t add any flavor to the product it just ads color.

Carcinogens are not added to diet sodas; instead aspartame is added in diet drinks. It is impossible to digest. It is combined with amino acids and methanol. Methanol is a form of acid that is found in meth and other drugs. Diet soda is deadly to the body.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
High fructose corn syrup is not a natural substance; it is a highly concentrated type of sugar. Basically it is fructose that is derived directly from corn. It will add to your body fat instantly. High fructose corn syrup will also trigger high cholesterol and it can make you hungrier. This is one of the reasons some people gain weight when they drink soda.

Tooth Problems
Food dyes can cause problems in your body. Soda has food dye in it and drinking it will increase your blood sugar levels. It can make you hyperactive and it will also impair your brain function. Drinking soda regularly will cause major tooth decay and damage. It is a major contributor to cavities as well as cause discoloration of your enamel. It is best to drink water or natural fruit juice.

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