Invisalign VS. Braces

Smiling is important. It’s a universal human expression, intuitive to everyone, even people who are born blind. It is something we all do, either from happiness, excitement, relief, or even nervousness.  It makes ourselves and others happy, it helps us destress, and it even makes us more attractive. Straighter teeth = a healthier smile.


Here, we’ll go over why your teeth may not be as straight as they could be and what you can do about it.  We’ll also help you understand the key differences between two treatments related to straightening teeth.  It’s time for: Invisalign vs. Metal Braces!


Unfortunately for many of us (but not for people interested in pursuing a career in orthodontics), naturally straight teeth are becoming somewhat of a rarity in today’s society, and there are many reasons why. It’s more than just genetics; gum disease, mouth injuries, allergies, and conditions such as asthma, as well as myofunctional habits like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting can all harm your smile. Our diet as a species has also changed dramatically over the past century. According to The Home Economist, “processed and industrialized foods are devoid of the critical nutrients necessary to produce a broad and sturdy jaw with correspondingly straight teeth.” Now, you could likely change your diet, but can anyone really prevent all of the other causes?


Fortunately, there are solutions you can take to fix your smile, and some may be better for you than others. Everyone knows about braces. Often seen as a necessary evil and the burden of countless teenagers, braces represent an awkward “cocoon” stage for many young people as they mature into (braces-free) adult “butterflies.”


But obviously braces aren’t just meant for kids.  Adults have been using braces for a long time.  No matter who’s wearing them, the general consensus is that while they may be frustrating, uncomfortable, and not very appealing, at least they work.


Invisalign Supplies


Invisalign is another solution, and a path more people are beginning to take as an alternative to braces.  A relatively newer treatment (around since 2000), they share the same goal as braces, which is ultimately to straighten your teeth while improving your smile and oral health. The biggest draw to Invisalign, however is the fact that it’s, well, almost invisible. It’s also removable, and provides very little discomfort.


With all the positives in comparison, you may be thinking, “why would anyone go to braces when an option as great as Invisalign is out there?” Well, while Invisalign has many benefits, there are definitely reasons why braces are still around today. Let’s compare them both:




As you can see, there are more benefits to using Invisalign than braces. Braces, however are still more effective for those who need to solve more complex issues with their smile. Those who need bridgework, have some bite issues, or need to rotate or move their teeth vertically will still need braces. Invisalign is better if you need to straighten your teeth horizontally, remove gaps, etc. and often works best for adults and teens who tend to be self-conscious. Using Invisalign also requires more discipline and responsibility, and losing or forgetting to wear them can be easy to do.


While Invisalign does tend to cost more, practices such as TenderCare Dental have made the process more cost-effective than ever. Our expertise can also come in handy if you are unsure whether you could benefit from Invisalign or braces.  Come by our office, schedule a free consultation, and do what’s best for your smile.