How to Avoid Temptation Traps on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which for many of us, could mean a lot of great food, family time and extra sweet treats. Do you know how to Avoid Temptation Traps on Thanksgiving?  To avoid a holiday meltdown and keep your health in check, try one of these tips.

Don’t Over Do it
Develop a game plan so you don’t over do it and overeat. Overeating can hurt your oral health. We understand that the Thanksgiving holiday is all about great food, but eating small portions will help you in the long run.

Holiday parties are loaded with fun and celebrations, but if you aren’t careful about what you eat, you could overdo it and risk long term health issues like cavities. These helpful tips will help you make the most out of the holiday festivities, best of all you won’t have to worry about gaining a gut.

Look Out For Temptation Traps
As you know most holiday treats are made with sugar. Sweet treats can taste great but paying attention to what you put into your mouth will be important. If you want to be smart about cravings, try to set guidelines. A good idea is to give yourself one party a week to eat what you want. But do your best to avoid overeating the rest of the week. This can help you feel more in control of your diet. The reality is when you are prepared, you will feel more in control and will not feel guilty for overeating.

Set a Game Plan
Time to put your game face on. Tackle Thanksgiving with a strategic plan. This will help you make smarter choices. If you don’t have a plan, you could overeat and eat more than you really want to. Bring sugar free gum with you, so you don’t snack between meals. This will help keep your teeth clean and maintain a fresh breath. Chewing gum can also push away cavities because it salivates your mouth.

Be Thankful
Eating foods that are tasty can be a joyful experience. When you feel guilty for what you eat you can hurt your mental health and outlook on the season. Instead be grateful for all the nice things in your life.

Enjoy the holiday season happy thanksgiving from all of us to you.