Health Tips for 2013

Happy New Year. It is time to make new goals and set health resolutions. Here at TenderCare Dental we want your health to be a main focus for 2013. Whether you have a goal to lose weight or just feel more comfortable in your own body, these health trends can help.

Juicing is not just a trend. You can start your day with a fresh fruit smoothie or a fresh vegetable juice. Our dentist in Beaverton Oregon, suggest investing in a juicer to help keep the cost of buying juice down. Drinking juice is good for your body. Juice is a popular way to maintain a healthy body and teeth.

Over 20 million-women and many men practice  yoga daily. Many people experience health benefits with yoga. We have patients often reporting that yoga is a way to help them relieve body aches and pains.

If you experience back pains and aches, stomach cramps or even the headaches and dehydration yoga can help maintain a healthy body and help with these common body aliments. People who do yoga regularly have better posture, lower blood pressure and tend to feel more inner peace. The gentle movement can help you feel good in your body.

Drinking water is great for your body. We suggest that you buy a reusable bottle so you can refill the water often. This is better than buying a plastic bottle that you will throw away after one use.

Drinking water can really help you feel better in your body and will help you lose weight. It is also helpful for reducing cavities.

Drinking water helps cleanse your internal system as well as keep your teeth clean and white. Naturally you’ll feel better and you may have less cavities. Doctor Lan Gao, DDS a dentist in Beaverton suggests drinking more water for healthier teeth.