Gift Yourself a Whiter Smile this Holiday!


With so much going on this time of year, it’s easy to lose track of what you want for yourself. A whiter smile can help boost confidence, self-esteem, mood, and even give you a more youthful appearance! The first step to smiling brighter is to keep up with your daily oral care routine and dental checkups. If you’re considering doing more to achieve pearly whites, here are a few psychological benefits of gifting yourself a whiter smile this holiday season.



Have a Great First Impression


Your smile is often one of the first things people notice about you. A bright grin is often associated with someone who takes care of themselves and is healthier overall. Have a big job interview or first date coming up? Pearly whites are a great way to feel more self-assured, so you can focus on what’s important.





Be Self Confident


How you feel about yourself is most important, and imagine if you could improve that feeling in just one day. At TenderCare Dental, we have whitening solutions that will have you in and out of the office in just over an hour with Zoom! Teeth Whitening. With so many friends and family visiting over the holidays, it’s important to feel confident smiling in every group picture!



Restore a Youthful Glow


As we age, coffee stains, red wine, and other consumables can take their toll on your teeth. Even if you have a well regimented oral hygiene routine, some stains will remain on your teeth. The best way to remove these stains is by talking to your dentist about professional whitening treatments.





At TenderCare Dental, our team of skilled dental professionals are happy to talk about what whitening procedures are available and which option is best for you. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how you can add an extra sparkle to your smile!