Dentist Tigard OR: 5 After School Snacks for Your Teeth

As a Dentist in Tigard OR, I not only think after school snacks should be healthy for their bodies but also for their teeth.  So I have come up with 5 after school snacks that will be good for your child’s teeth.  It is important that their diet be well rounded and adhere to the principles of a healthy diet.

5 After School Snacks for Your Teeth
We all crave cookies for a snack, but don’t forget about the healthy snacks that can also benefit your teeth.

1.  Bananas.  Some might argue that bananas are the world’s healthiest food.  The health benefits of bananas are endless, but include high amounts of potassium, can help with ulcers, help keep things regular and can even  help with eyesight.  The potassium in bananas is also very nutritious for the health of your teeth.  Probably not as common, but some people might argue that bananas can help whiten teeth.  Don’t believe me check out this link.  Bananas Whiten Teeth.

2.  String Cheese.  Researchers have studied the nutritional value of dairy products such as cheese for a long time.  Just to make sure, we are talking about real cheese not the processed yellow cheese.  Anyway, dairy products like cheese usually contain large amounts of calcium.  Calcium is incredibly important for bones and even teeth.  Another benefit of cheese in particular is that it has the ability to create a favorable pH level in the mouth.  pH is a measure of acidity and studies have found that when pH is really low or the mouth is very acidic it creates an environment where cavities start.  By eating something like string cheese the pH in the mouth will go back to its normal level reducing the chance of getting cavities.

3.  Baby Carrots.  Carrot is a plant that is very beneficial to the human body because it contains a lot of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is essential for eye health. In addition, carrots are also a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin K, biotin, fiber, potassium and thiamine.  Carrots can even help clean the teeth, and is the best way to keep the mouth clean after eating. Carrots act as a natural cleanser that helps in removing plague from the teeth and gums.  Carrots also stimulate  saliva, which helps to remove stains on teeth. Minerals in carrots help to kill germs in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.  Carrots, either as raw or cooked are good for health.

4.  Sliced Oranges.  This might come as a surprise to you but citrus fruits like oranges can help your gums stay healthy.  It is the Vitamin C in citrus that gives it so much power.  Vitamin C helps keep your gums healthy by strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue, including the connective tissue that holds your teeth in your jaw.  Vitamin C also is know to reduce inflammation which can help prevent gingivitis.

5.  Cantaloupe or Watermelon.  Cantaloupe and watermelon are much like other fruits.  They contain a high amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Both of these nutrients not only are great for your body, but also for your teeth.  We have also found that most kids love eating them so it makes it an easy after school snack.  The dental benefits are the same as most citrus fruits.  The vitamin C will help strengthen gums and reduce inflammation.  There needs to be some caution when giving a melon as a snack as some people might have allergies to them.

After school snacks are an important part of a child’s diet and choosing the right snack can be hard.  These are just 5 or hundreds of healthy after school snacks that you can give to your children.  If you have more questions call us at 503-670-7088 or visit us at Tigard TenderCare Dental.