Healthy Kid, Healthy Teeth: Best Snacks for Cavity Prevention

We all want our kids to have the best possible start in life and part of that is having good cavity prevention habits and dental hygiene early on. A large part of good dental hygiene is good nutrition and minimal sweets but when you’re a kid, that’s the last thing on your mind – We came up with a few recommended snacks that are sure to keep their sweet tooth in check. 

What snacks that are good for teeth?

  • Fruits: Apples, while containing sugar, still have benefits for dental health – in addition to natural sugars they are high in water and fiber. Their fibrous texture of an apple is fantastic for stimulating gum tissue and can help to wash away bacteria naturally. Other great fruits for dental hygiene include melons, or pears – fruit to avoid or limit include raisins and bananas. 
  • Vegetables: Veggies like celery, carrots or even leafy greens like kale and spinach are packed with minerals and vitamins that help build healthy enamel. If kale and spinach are hard to get your little one to eat, consider hiding them in your next smoothie.
  • Almonds: High in calcium and protein while also low in sugar, makes almonds a great snack for healthy teeth. This is a great lunch box filler or on the go snack. 
  • Yogurt or Cheese: Both Yogurt and Cheese are high in Calcium and protein which are nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel. These are great snacks to trigger saliva production to flush out excess food or bacteria. Yogurt also contains probiotics which can benefit your gums, just make sure you’re choosing a healthy option with no added or artificial sugars. For Cheese, choose a low-fat option such as Monterey jack, cheddar or swiss. 
  • Water: Always opt for water over sugary drinks or juices – Sugary drinks feed the bacteria on your teeth which in turn leaves behind acids that can damage your tooth enamel. This is why dental experts recommend drinking water after you eat and limiting the amount of sugar consumed – Soda is also avoided as the acidity in carbonation can erode enamel over time. 

Cavity Prevention: Lunch box foods to avoid for healthier teeth

Snacks that are high in sugars or carbohydrates and are acidic are unhealthy for your teeth. “Sticky” snacks that can adhere to your teeth are especially bad, as they increase the chance of causing cavities. Foods that may want to be avoided include hard candies, foods with high acidity, sodas and juices. It’s also recommended to avoid any potato chips as they contain starches which get stuck on teeth, contributing to decay and cavities. 

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