Best Food For Vibrant Health

You can eat healthy food, lose weight and improve your smile.

We have many patients who come into our office at TenderCare Dental, and ask what foods are best for their teeth. Consider adding any of these into your diet for a healthy body and smile.


Whether you drink nondairy milk or regular milk, drink up. Some people prefer nondairy alternatives instead of cows milk, such as almond milk, coconut milk, or even rice milk. No matter what you drink, milk is loaded with calcium, which can help build strong teeth and bones.

Milk is a great food to help you fight off infection and keep strong bones. Adding milk into your diet can help you have strong teeth and a beautiful smile.


Lemons are a good food to keep for addition to your cooking. Instead of salad dressing squeeze fresh lemon juice or eat pasta with fresh lemon. Lemon is healthy and can help improve your smile. This is because when you eat lemons your mouth produces more salvia, which in turn can help wash away food particles and bacteria build up in your mouth. In turn which can help prevent cavities.


Bananas are loaded with many micronutrients they can help boost your energy and they have naturally a lot of potassium calcium and easy to digest fiber. Adding bananas into your diet can help you improve your digestion and your oral health.


Cinnamon can help improve your overall body because it helps stabilize blood sugar, which can increase your metabolism. To help burn more fat, If you want to lose a little weight add more cinnamon into your diet, it will help because it spikes the blood sugar back to normal.

Cinnamon is also an ingredient found in most oral healthcare products because it can help freshen the breath and make people enjoy brushing their teeth regularly. This is why Cinnamon flavored gum is so popular, as well as toothpaste flavors and mouthwash. If you like cinnamon then add it to more foods that you cook. The health benefits are plenty.