What Toothaches Say About Your Oral Hygiene

If you have begun to feel a little bit of pain or sensitivity in and around your tooth, then you might be experiencing a toothache. Your first thought might be that it is due to bad hygiene. While this might be true, it may not be the only cause of your toothache. In this article, […]

Tooth Extraction: Expectations & Aftercare

What Toothaches Say About Your Oral Hygiene

Tooth extraction means the dentist removes a tooth from the mouth of a patient. For some adults, it’s necessary to improve the health of the mouth, gums and remaining teeth. The procedure sounds scary, but it’s something a dentist in Portland, Oregon might do thousands of times a year.  What should you do after the […]

Children’s Dental Health: What Every Parent Should Know

Starting Early – The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry Welcoming your child’s first tooth is more than a milestone; it’s the first step in a lifelong journey of dental health. Pediatric dentistry plays a crucial role in this journey, laying the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. Early dental visits are about more than just preventing […]

10 Signs You Need a Root Canal – Portland Dental Group

Staying on top of your dental health is crucial in the bustling city of Portland, Oregon. TenderCare Dental, a leading Portland Oregon Dental Group, offers several dental services in Portland that cater to every family member’s unique dental needs. Among the many issues we address, Root Canal Treatment in Portland is one that we often […]

Portland Dental Tips: Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Whether it’s a phobia or mild apprehension, dental anxiety is a common concern among many individuals in Portland, Oregon. At TenderCare Dental, we understand that managing dental anxiety can be a challenging task. As a renowned Portland Oregon Dental Group, we provide Dental Anxiety Solutions tailored to help our patients manage and overcome their fear. […]

Portland’s Guide on Teeth Grinding: Causes & Solutions

Did you know that nearly 8% of adults experience teeth grinding, scientifically known as bruxism?  At TenderCare Dental, a reputable Dental Group located in Portland, Oregon, we provide holistic solutions for patients with this condition. Our team is ready to assist if you’re in Portland and need help with teeth grinding.  CAUSES Understanding the root […]

Portland’s Favorite Eats & Their Dental Impact

If you’re a foodie like us, you treasure the diverse dining scene in Portland. Known coast to coast for its impressive culinary delights, our city is a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether it’s the melt-in-your-mouth donuts, lip-smacking barbecue, or farm-fresh veggies, our local Portland dishes influence your dental health. As part of the TenderCare Dental […]

Toothache Relief: Natural Remedies by Our Portland Providers

In the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, finding solutions to common dental pain concerns is as simple as embracing nature’s bounty. This philosophy extends to the dental field as well. At TenderCare Dental, we champion natural remedies for toothache relief, offering alternative, non-invasive solutions for our patient’s comfort. While nothing can replace the expertise of […]

Invisalign or Braces For Sensitive Teeth

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces For Sensitive Teeth?

Are you wondering if invisalign is better than braces for sensitive teeth? We have you covered. Getting invisalign for the first time can be a combination of anxiety, nerves, and excitement. This is especially so if you already have sensitive teeth and are afraid of what the outcome might be and how it will affect […]

How Dentures Can Change Your Life

Ever wonder how dentures can change your life? Well, it’s time to learn then. Have A Healthy Smile: Enjoy a happy smile for pictures at social events without people noticing that you are using dentures. You are definitely going to leave them wondering how you maintained your incredibly beautiful set of teeth!  Improve Your Self-Esteem: […]