6 Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Habits

We all have our daily dental routine, but sometimes the routine might need to be updated. Simply brushing twice a day and flossing might not be enough to keep your dental hygiene up to the best standards. In this post, we’ll be covering a few tips and tricks to help supplement your routine and keep your teeth healthy in between your regular cleaning appointments 

Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

While both manual and electric have their own benefits, electric toothbrushes have routinely been found to be more effective at removing plaque from your teeth. Their bristles can vibrate and/or rotate to help remove plaque buildup around your teeth and gums – It can also be helpful for those with limited mobility. 

Drink More Water

Water is still king when it comes to overall health, especially when it comes to dental hygiene. As a general rule of thumb, drinking water with every meal can help to wash out any residual effects of acidic or sticky foods and beverages

Consider Saying Yes to Mouthwash

Many people choose to skip mouthwash and for many years it was considered an optional part of your daily routine. These days, its recommended as a way to help loosen plaque and tartar build-up, making it easier to remove when brushing or flossing. It also helps to clean areas of your mouth that may not have gotten brushed fully. If you do not currently use mouthwash, adding it to your current routine may make a difference in your overall oral health.  

Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

Your tongue has tons of bacteria living on it and it is usually the main cause of halitosis or bad breath. After you’ve taken care of your teeth, make sure to gently brush your tongue as well to remove bacteria and plaque build up. 

Use the Right Tools

Not only can switching from manual to an electric toothbrush help, but choosing the right tools for the job for flossing can help as well. There are many reasons why traditional string floss may be hard to use. Whether you have limited mobility or maybe find it hard to use, there are now ready-to-use dental flossers that can be found at any drugstore or nearby grocery store. These can also be helpful to those with braces as many come with a bristled pick to get between brackets. 

Eat Healthy & Decrease Sugar

Eating healthy has more benefits outside of keeping your waistline small. Eating crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrots, celery and apples actually helps to stimulate gums, and even help to clean teeth by removing plaque buildup. Decreasing sugar intake is also imperative to dental hygiene – Sugary drinks and candies can lead to cavities and enamel decay. 

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We also recommend that scheduling your standard 6-month cleaning is a great way to keep on top of any issues that might pop up in between appointments. Preventative care can help find minor issues before they become major issues – saving you both money and time.

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