5 Powerful Health Benefits of Calcium

The Doctors are TenderCare Dental often talk with patients about the benefits of eating a healthy diet including one that is rich in calcium.

Calcium is a great ingredient to help give you strong bones and strong teeth. Recent research shows people who don’t get enough calcium in their diet may get gum disease and osteoporosis. Milk is a great source of calcium which can help build strong bones and strong teeth, but there are more benefits to calcium than just a pretty smile. Calcium will help you obtain optimal health.

Prevents Osteoporosis
Calcium is improtant for strong bones and teeth. The more you eat the less chance of diseases such as osteoporosis. Getting enough vitamin D will significantly increase your health and your bone strength. It’s important for young children and growing adults to eat enough calcium. As you age calcium plays a critical role in improving your smile and bone density.

Helps You Slim Down
In the bestselling book, “The Ab Diet for Women” the editor discusses the importance of dairy as it’s roll to break down bacteria and create a vehicle for extensive weight loss in the body.

Calcium can often prevent weight gain because it burns less fat when it is stored inside of the human body. Drinking dairy or eating dairy products can help you stay trim and slim.

Helps Upset Stomach
Many people who experience cramps will drink milk or eat more calcium to help regulate their hormones and upset stomach. Calcium reacts negatively with the over consumption of many ingredients especially the production of estrogen in the body.

Calcium Can Fight Cancer
Calcium can prevent cancer. Recent research shows that people who take adequate amounts of calcium can ward off certain bacterial infections and ovarian and breast cancer.

Improve Your Heart Health

There’s a lot of research that is emerging that supports the fact that calcium is heart healthy.

The heart is a muscle that beats every moment and the blood vessels that go to your heart are connected to the nervous system. Too much calcium can be linked to heart disease so you want to find a balance. The research studies once completed will help shed more light on this situation.