TenderCare Dental Ranked #1 Dentist on Social Media in 2014

We, TenderCare Dental, are honored to be named #1 Dentist on Social Media in 2014 by! Making our community both happier and healthier is our goal – and that extends beyond the walls of our eight dental practices into the online community as well.

In early 2013, we wanted to develop a stronger brand presence within the communities we serve. With the help of our marketing team, we created – and continued to grow – a friendly, inviting, knowledgeable and family oriented brand presence online.

Over the past few years, has also been paying close attention to social media– tracking online engagement and activity from dentists all over the nation – to compile its list of top dentists on social media.

So what made TenderCare Dental hit the top of the charts?

Snapshot of listing on Social Media ranking page

“Along with their intuitive website, TenderCare Dental’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages are full of positive, fun and interactive articles and pictures,” states “You can also find them on YouTube,Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.”

The power of integration between all marketing and branding outlets has proved to be a powerful channel of communication between us at TenderCare Dental, our patients and those in our community.

Why do we spend so much time and effort on social media?

“It is an important aspect of business and dental practices – to get to know customers and let them get to know you,” states As a dental practice that has been serving our community for over 25 years, this is a viewpoint we value at the core of our business.

You see, our vision is larger than simply tending to people’s teeth. We want to transform what “going to the dentist” means – with the kind of personal attention each member of our community deserves.

When you only see your dentist every six months for a cleaning, it can be easy to put oral health aside. We put daily time and effort into social media because we care about our patients 365 days a year, not just the two or three times they come in.

Social media is a tool to grow the relationship with our community, connecting and inspiring people to smile more and live better – every time they log on. It is truly rewarding to be able to connect with our patients not only in the office, but online as well.

We invite you to connect with us as we continue to expand our social media presence in the upcoming years.