Valentine’s Day Options for Kids

Valentine's Day Options for KidsCandy is undeniably a popular Valentine’s Day treat for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, the sugary treats are everywhere and, over the course of the days following February 14th, means that kids will ingest a large amount of sugar that is bad for their teeth and overall health.

If you feel like you’re drowning in candy hearts and chocolate and want to take a break from sugary Valentine’s Day treats with your kids, consider these options for fun and inexpensive special gifts to show your love and celebrate the day!

Two of a Kind

Grab two similar items to present as a special Valentine’s gift for someone special. Pink or red socks work really well for this gift. Tie them together with a piece of red or pink ribbon and attach a card that states, “We’re Two of a Kind, Valentine!” Other options to pair up include a fun pencil with an eraser, a small activity book with a set of crayons, and a heart notepad with a pen.

Close To My Heart

Seek out a necklace with a heart-shaped locket and place a photo or two inside. Create a card that says, “Now I know I’ll be close to your heart!” Wrap up as a nice gift for that special little girl in your life.

Bubble ValentinesBubbly Valentine

Bubbles are really easy to find, especially in heart-shaped plastic bottles. Grab a few and make cards that say, “Don’t Burst My Bubble – Be My Valentine!” Give these to your kids and send them outside for some Valentine bubble fun!

Nature’s Hearts

Whether cut or whole, a strawberry can resemble a heart in its shape and color. Why not take advantage of these natural hearts on Valentine’s Day? Instead of a box of chocolates, take a heart-shaped box and fill it with strawberries. This will make a healthier snack than more commonly received candy.

The Stomach is the Way to the Heart

To balance out the sea of candy hearts and chocolate-filled treats, fill your children’s tummies with wholesome, heart-shaped meals. Use Valentine’s Day themed cookie cutters to make festive eggs and whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast. Using whole wheat dough and organic tomato sauce and cheese, create heart-shaped individual pizzas that each person in your family can top as desired. Have plenty of vegetables available for them to use as toppings, and consider adding some heart-shaped pieces for some extra fun!