Our Trip to GreenLeaf Juicing Company!

This month, we visited the Greenleaf Juicing Company after hearing about their wide variety of healthy and delicious menu options! We thought we would snack on some items and break them down to let you know which foods were beneficial for your teeth. We tried their Sunrise Acai Bowl and the Avocado Dreamin’ Smoothie – both were absolutely mouth-watering! Below are the key ingredients in each and their oral health benefits.


Sunrise Acai Bowl

Strawberry – This delicious fruit is filled with malic acid, which is a natural tooth enamel whitener.


Shredded coconut – Coconut contains a large amount of Zinc, which helps and supports cell division within your mouth to keep your taste buds up to par.


Coconut oil – The oil extracted from coconuts can be very beneficial for your oral health by helping to fight gum disease such as gingivitis. The oil helps decrease the amount of plaque build up that sticks to your teeth.


Kale – Not only does kale help to build a decay resistance layer on your teeth when eaten, it also is high in Vitamin A, which promotes tooth enamel formation.


Blueberry – Although blueberries have a dark pigment which can sometimes lead to staining your teeth, they also contain polyphenols which help block bacteria from sticking to your teeth.


Orange – Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, which help the health of your gums immensely.


Banana – These guys contain fiber and antioxidants that help protect your teeth; however, bananas tend to stick to your teeth easily if you don’t brush them properly after eating.

Greenleaf Juice

Avocado Dreamin’ Smoothie

Avocado – Everyone’s favorite treat also happens to contain calcium, which helps with the strength of your tooth enamel.


Cilantro – This herb not only helps to fight off fungus from setting up camp in your mouth, but it also has high levels of calcium to help strengthen tooth enamel.


Orange – As mentioned earlier, citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C, which can help improve the health of your gums immensely.


Cucumber – As a vegetable high in fiber, cucumber helps protect teeth from bacteria as well as strengthen gums.


Pear – This fruit has a lot of water stored in it, which helps to dilute the sugar from damaging the tooth enamel. The high level of water also helps to activate saliva, which helps to keep acids and plaque from sticking to teeth.

Greenjuice Logo

Read something that sounds yummy? You can find the complete Greenleaf menu HERE, as well as a list of their locations. We hope you learned a little something about not only which foods are good for your teeth, but also about a new local business to try if you haven’t had their awesome food already! For more oral health information, schedule your next dental appointment with your local dentist at TenderCare Dental.