Tigard Dentist Celebrates National Children’s Dental Health

Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica celebrates National Children’s Dental Health in February.  Every February special recognition is given to the oral health of children.  Dr. Marostica will teach each child the proper techniques to brushing their teeth and how often they should brush too.  Also he will practice and teach each child the importance of flossing.  As much as brushing and flossing are important to child’s dental health it is also important that special attention is placed on a child’s diet.  As a Dentist in Tigard OR, Dr. Marostica knows the importance of a balanced diet.  He likes to spent quality time with both the child and parent teaching them the proper foods to eat that will improve not only their oral health, but also their overall well being.

Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica celebrates National Children's Dental Health Month
Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month

Dr. Marostica having been a Dentist in Tigard OR for the over 3 years also understands the importance for children to see a dentist early and often.  This he believes allows children to feel more at ease in the dental chair and around the dentist.  It also shows them importance of having health teeth and gums.  By establishing the relationship with the dentist while they are young will help eliminate or greatly reduce dental fears and anxieties that they might experience as teenagers or adults.  It is also important to recognize that as adults it is important that we too stress the importance and value in frequent and regular visits to the dentist.  Studies have shown that if a parent has anxiety or fear of the dentist that same fear and anxiety will also be manifest in the children.  So as parents it is important that we lead by example not just in oral hygiene at home, but also going to the dentist.

Tigard TenderCare Dental takes pride in treating not only the entire family, but also children.  We value the relationship and rapport that we have with the children that we treat, but also their parents and siblings.  We take every step possible to achieve that comfortable dental visit and you should expect nothing less.  Give us a call today 503-670-7088 to schedule your family’s dental appointments at TenderCare Dental in Tigard, OR.