Fun Facts About Your Wisdom Teeth

Think you know everything about your wisdom teeth? Here are some of interesting facts you may not know about these late blooming molars.

Dentist in Portland OR: Summer Dental Needs For Your Family

Are you curious about Summer Dental Needs For Your Family?  Today is the last day of school for my 3 kids, and they are excited. I’m excited, too, even though it doesn’t typically start feeling like summer here in Portland, Oregon, until after Independence Day. There are a lot of activities that are made for […]

March Madness Is the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment

For sports fans, March brings lots of good TV watching as the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins. It also brings the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment!  Many urologist have noticed and now use tournament time TV watching as a marketing tool to get men to schedule their vasectomy. So what do you do now that you […]