What to Expect After Filling a Cavity

A cavity is a hole on the surface of your tooth that forms as the result of tooth decay. At TenderCare Dental, we repair cavities with tooth-colored material called a composite resin. Here are some things to expect after filling a cavity at TenderCare Dental: Numbness. Your dentist may numb the area around your cavity […]

Best Halloween Dental Inspired Costumes

October is a great month; in fact it is one of our favorite times of the year here at TenderCare Dental. Our family friendly dental office is always thinking of new creative ways to engage and connect with our community. We particularly love the holiday Halloween because it gives us all an opportunity to dress […]

Oral Health Effects of Drinking Soda

Summer is a great time for outdoor picnics and BBQ’s. With outdoor eating often come refreshing cool drinks and beverages. Many people turn to soda and carbonated beverages in the summer time, but from a dentist’s perspective we want to share the oral health implications of drinking soda. Here at Tendercare Dental in the Portland, OR […]

Oral Health Myths Debunked

You may brush and floss your teeth daily but are your habits really helping or hurting your teeth. Here at TenderCare Dental, we uncovered the most common oral health myths and debunked them. 1. Sugar Is the Cause of Cavities The truth is, acid produced by bacteria in your mouth is what will cause cavities, […]