Spit it Out: 5 Facts About Saliva

Saliva often gets a bad rap for being another bodily fluid we’d rather ignore, when in fact we should appreciate its importance to our oral health and everyday lives. Here are five salivating facts that may just make you drool with appreciation.

What Causes Itchy Teeth

If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of itchy teeth, you know attempting to scratch is helpless. So we did some research on what really causes the itch.

Removing Toothpaste Stains

Most people have experienced a toothpaste stain on their shirt, carpet, towels, and even your teeth! Here are some tips on how to remove these pesky stains.

The Importance of Flossing

Your toothbrush can’t reach the tight spaces between teeth. Flossing can remove cavity-causing bacteria from these areas, leaving you with a healthy smile.

Your Tooth Got Knocked Out, Now What?

Whether it’s sports or health related, losing an adult tooth can be a traumatic experience. Don’t panic! Here is what you need to do to restore your smile.

Fun Facts About Your Wisdom Teeth

Think you know everything about your wisdom teeth? Here are some of interesting facts you may not know about these late blooming molars.

Your Teeth Are on the Move!

Did you know your teeth are always moving? Let’s explore what causes your teeth to move, and how that movement can effect your smile!

Top 5 Foods Known to Cause Bad Breath

Some foods taste so good, but cause such bad breath it seems almost impossible to alleviate. Here are the top five foods known to cause unpleasant breath and the reasons why.

All About Mouth-Breathing

The most common cause for mouth-breathing is an obstruction in the nasal passages, but did you know that breathing this way can impact your oral health?