Portland, OR Dentist Provides Canker Sore Treatment Quickly and Economically

As a dentist in Portland, OR, I often see patients with canker sores.  A canker sore is a non-cancerous, non-contagious ulcer that occurs in the tissues of the mouth.  Canker sores can happen to anyone at any age, and occur for a variety of reasons including nutritional deficiencies, local trauma like biting the tongue or […]

Tigard OR Dentist: How You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures

You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures! I am a Dentist in Tigard OR and a frequent question I get from patients who wear dentures is, “How can I have better fitting dentures?”  My answer is almost always, “have you considered dental implants?”  Before dental implants were readily used as a way to replace missing teeth […]

Dental Technology by your Portland OR Dentist at TenderCare Dental

c Digital x-rays allow dentists to reduce radiation levels by up to 90% over traditional x-rays.  Dentists can take pictures of your teeth and gums inside your mouth with a small intraoral camera that allows you to see exactly what the dentist sees.  Cavities hidden under stained grooves or cracks in teeth can be found […]

Dentist in Tigard OR: When Should I Teach My Kids To Floss?

When should I teach my kids to floss is a common question I get as Dentist in Tigard OR.  Most of the time this question comes from a concerned parent who might be a first time parent or sometimes it comes from a parent who has multiple children of all different ages. What I have […]

Dentist in Portland OR: Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Sleep Apnea

As a Dentist in Portland OR I evaluate thousands of people for Sleep Apnea.  Most don’t realize or notice the signs and symptoms related to childhood sleep apnea.  So I want you to ask yourself these questions about your child.  Does your child have ADHD or ADD, suffer from hyperactivity, behavioral issues and irritability, or […]

Portland, OR Dentist Reveals Secrets to Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance

It’s June, and for a dentist in Portland, OR like me, there’s only one thing that is on my mind…..dental insurance! It’s probably not the answer you would expect, since June brings with it the Portland Rose Festival, high school and college graduations, summer vacation, and hopefully summer weather as well. So let me explain. Dental […]