Tigard Dentist: Eliminate Loose Dentures

Tigard Dentist can improve the fit of your dentures by using dental implants. Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica has seen tremendous improvements in Dentistry that now provide a simplified, cost effective long-term solution for denture wears. Decades of University based research and recent advances in the field of Dental Implants now allow for the predictable elimination […]

Tigard Dentist Cosmetic Dentures

Tigard Dentist, Dr. Justin Marostica provides his community with cosmetic dentures. Are you looking for a dentist in Tigard, OR?

Tigard TenderCare Dental Staff Is Grateful For Their Teeth During Thanksgiving

Tigard TenderCare Dental Staff is grateful for their teeth during Thanksgiving and you should be too!  We don’t realize how important our teeth are until we don’t have them anymore.  It’s the truth!  Once your teeth are gone your life and health will change drastically. As a dentist in Tigard, Oregon for several year I […]

Tigard OR Dentist: How You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures

You Can Have Better Fitting Dentures! I am a Dentist in Tigard OR and a frequent question I get from patients who wear dentures is, “How can I have better fitting dentures?”  My answer is almost always, “have you considered dental implants?”  Before dental implants were readily used as a way to replace missing teeth […]

March Madness Is the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment

For sports fans, March brings lots of good TV watching as the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins. It also brings the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment!  Many urologist have noticed and now use tournament time TV watching as a marketing tool to get men to schedule their vasectomy. So what do you do now that you […]