Flex Benefits Are Ending Soon

Don’t waste your flex benefits! We discuss how to spend these funds and some dental services we offer that insurance benefit money can be applied to.

Don’t Let Your 2014 Flexible Health Spending Benefits Expire!

Book Your Appointment at TenderCare Dental Now! It’s nearly the end of the year, which for many people means festive holiday parties, seeing out of town in-laws, gift-giving, and making resolutions for the New Year. There’s also one often overlooked issue the end of the year brings into focus: the expiration of flexible spending insurance […]

Oral Health Effects of Drinking Soda

Summer is a great time for outdoor picnics and BBQ’s. With outdoor eating often come refreshing cool drinks and beverages. Many people turn to soda and carbonated beverages in the summer time, but from a dentist’s perspective we want to share the oral health implications of drinking soda. Here at Tendercare Dental in the Portland, OR […]

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Calcium

The Doctors are TenderCare Dental often talk with patients about the benefits of eating a healthy diet including one that is rich in calcium. Calcium is a great ingredient to help give you strong bones and strong teeth. Recent research shows people who don’t get enough calcium in their diet may get gum disease and […]

Best Food For Vibrant Health

You can eat healthy food, lose weight and improve your smile. We have many patients who come into our office at TenderCare Dental, and ask what foods are best for their teeth. Consider adding any of these into your diet for a healthy body and smile. Milk Whether you drink nondairy milk or regular milk, […]

Natural Ways to Fight The Flu and Improve Your Smile

2013 marks an aggressive flu season. Chances are you or someone you know has the flu. Of course we recommend washing your hands often, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, as well as taking enough vitamin C, but did you know that there are certain foods that you can eat that will help fight the […]

Surprising Ways to Care for Your Teeth

Here at Tender Care Dental, we get many patients coming into our office asking us about health goals and sharing their New Years resolutions with us. The majority of 2013 goals seem to focus on their health. We always ask, what about having a brighter smile? If you want more confidence, you can get it […]