Social Media Catch-up: Week 4 December 2015



Happy Holidays from all of us at TenderCare Dental!

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On January 8th, everyone gets free admission to the @Portland Children’s Museum!

Portland Children’s Museum



It’s important to brush twice a day, for two minutes. Don’t forget to floss too!

Making sure these habits are always part of your daily routine is important for a healthy smile.

brush twice a day!


Our highly trained and motivated team in the Portland area strives to make every dental experience as pleasant as possible.

See the variety of dental services we offer at

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Is Dr. Andrew Thompson your TenderCare dentist? He brings smiles to life at our North Plains and NW Portland locations!

Dr. Thompson specializes in @Invisalign and dental implants.

Learn more about him at

dr andrew thompson pdx



Missing teeth can change bite, limit the ability to speak and chew, and can cause jaw pain, headaches, and increased strain on remaining teeth.

Dental implants are an attractive, stable and comfortable option to replace a missing tooth.

Learn more about dental implants from Dr. Andrew Thompson in this video.

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