Social Media Catch-up: April 29th – May 5th, 2016


Meet Dr. Justin Marostica!

His goal is to bring smiles to life, and to transform your idea of a dentist visit into a positive experience you can look forward to.

Find out more about him:

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Save money on a full or express ‪#‎Invisalign‬ treatment!

If you or your teen is in need of a straighter smile, there is no better time to begin your #Invisalign journey.





Allow your children to choose their own toothbrushes!

Letting them choose their toothbrush, toothpaste flavor, and other little things can really get them excited about brushing their teeth and caring for their smile.




Does going to the dentist put you in a panic?

Thanks to our sedation dentistry, you can literally sleep through your entire treatment and wake up to a brighter and healthier smile.




The THPRD summer registration has begun!

Tualatin Hills Park & Rec, Rock Creek Sports Complex has tons of fun summer classes, camps, and activities that you and the kids will love.

Portland Tribune:




Have you ever been a victim of a pizza burn?

It is all too easy to dive into a slice of pizza heaven only to be burned by the molten lava cheese!

Find out how to care for your pizza burn on our blog:



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