March Madness Is the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment

For sports fans, March brings lots of good TV watching as the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins. It also brings the Best Time to Schedule Dental Treatment!  Many urologist have noticed and now use tournament time TV watching as a marketing tool to get men to schedule their vasectomy.

So what do you do now that you have had your vasectomy but you are still looking for more NCAA Tournament watching time.  Well, why not schedule that much needed dental procedure that might put you out a few days, like those impacted wisdom teeth, tooth extraction, dental implant or even a root canal.  Yes all of these are unpleasant, but aren’t any worse then a vasectomy.  The plus side is now you will be able to enjoy March Madness without having to go to work and most likely you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own couch or bed.

Most dental procedures like a tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant and some root canals can require a day or two of rest.  They are usually done under local anesthetic and accomplished in maybe an hour or two.  The optimal time to schedule these procedures would be the afternoon of the day before the NCAA Tournament starts or the morning of the 1st round games.  Most likely you will finish with your dental procedure and can relax at home watching college all day long.

The only downfall to dental procedures prior to the NCAA Tournament is that you might not be able to enjoy all those great foods that come with watching sporting events.  You might have to make a compromise here, but if you have had a vasectomy, have those dental procedures might be your next best option for alone time with the TV.  You will however be able to enjoy as much ice cream and milkshakes that you can possible devour.

If you are looking to miss some work time to watch the NCAA Tournament, have had that vasectomy or not planing on it, but need a good excuse to get our of work schedule those needed dental procedures at TenderCare Dental in Tigard.  Just give us a call 503-670-7088 and enjoy the rest of your week watching basketball!

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