How Tough Are Your Teeth?


Whether you’re biting into a crisp apple or trying to reach the center of the lollipop, your teeth have an amazing ability to perform effectively, even when faced with a tricky (or sticky) situation. That’s because your smile is stronger than you think. Here’s everything you need to know about your mighty pearly whites.



Enamel is tougher than bone. It’s shiny and white, but don’t underestimate enamel’s strength. Comprised of 96 percent mineral, it has the highest mineral percentage in the body, beating out bone. Enamel also plays an essential role in fighting tooth decay (more on that later). It’s truly irreplaceable.



Your bite is stronger than your bark. Did you know that each bite can exert 200 pounds of pressure? That’s pretty impressive. Because teeth are so tough, people often use them as tools to open packaging or complete other tasks. Your dentist, however, would recommend you avoid this.



Teeth are preserved



Your teeth will outlive you. Strong enamel means our teeth are preserved after we’re gone. Fascinatingly, scientists have been able to uncover dental remains from lifetimes ago. Dental information can help historians understand ancient events. For example, dental remains helped historians discover that the first travelers to China from Africa made the trek 80,000 years ago.



Teeth need help to maintain their super powers. While teeth can fight off plaque and decay, they can’t do it without the help of a proper brushing, flossing and dental checkup routine. When teeth are ignored, they can quickly endure substances that will cause them to weaken and break down. Teeth also lack the ability to regrow damaged tissues. Damaged teeth require professionals to ensure a cracked tooth won’t become a more serious problem down the line.



Care for your teeth



Ultimately, your teeth serve an important purpose, and strong, tough teeth make our lives a whole lot easier. Regular dental cleanings can help yours continue to look their best. At TenderCare Dental, we appreciate the strength a healthy smile can provide. Our dedicated team of dental professionals can help you maintain or restore the strength in your smile. Schedule an appointment at TenderCare Dental today to experience the best dental care in Portland!