How to Avoid Bad Breath

Have you ever talked to someone with bad breath and you didn’t say anything to them? Many people don’t even realize they have bad breath, maybe you mentioned something to them and they were embarrassed. Here at TenderCare Dental, we get alot of patients asking us about bad breath and ways to avoid it.
There are certain things that cause bad breath. These tips can help.

Limit Garlic 
Garlic is a great ingredient to add to any dish, but garlic can stay with you all day long. You can avoid eating garlic to prevent bad breath. But eating garlic is not bad for you. In fact garlic can help regulate metabolism, your blood sugar and even your mood. So if you do eat it, avoid eating alot.

If you do eat garlic you can brush your teeth immediately after. Some dentists recommend chewing sugar free gum after eating foods that can cause bad breath.

Visit Us Regularly 
Many people have chronic bad breath without even realizing it. Many people also avoid visiting the dentist regularly. This can be for a variety of reasons. We find that the most common reason is fear of visiting the dentist. But when people skip dentist appointment, bacteria and plaque can build up and cause bad smelling breath. One common way to know if you have bad breath is to lick the back of your hand and if it smells than you have bad breath.
When you visit the dentist, they can help prevent cavities and oral health problems.

Floss Daily
People, who don’t floss daily, often have bad breath and it can also be traced back to not taken daily care of your teeth. If your teeth hurt, you could come see us and we can help. Flossing regularly is an important part of your overall health care routine. For people who do not floss regularly plaque and bacteria can build up in between the teeth, which can start to smell bad.
For more information on how to avoid bad breath visit us at TenderCare Dental.