All About Sedation Dentistry


If underlying anxieties around visiting the dentist have prevented you from seeking proper dental care, there’s a solution just for you. Sedation dentistry is a service made with your comfort in mind. Stress-free cleanings and other dental procedures are in your future. Here’s everything you need to know about this relaxing, effective new approach.



Sedation dentistry isn’t far off from what you might imagine. A couple hours before your appointment, you’ll take a medication. There are no needles or gas masks, simply take the pill and experience hours of stress-free bliss. Due to the medications calming effects, patients need a companion to drive them to and from the appointment.



Relieve dental anxiety



How it Works:


When patients first arrive they are shown to a comfortable room and are welcome to a thick, warm blanket. Patients get to relax—some people have even fall asleep—while a professional monitors the patient’s vital signs. As stress subsides and you feel totally calm, the dentist will begin the procedures. Sedation dentistry enables dentists to perform everything from biannual cleanings to chipped tooth repairs. It can even work for some cosmetic procedures as well.



Some people are so afraid of the dentist, they end up putting off making appointments for years. That means whatever makes you uncomfortable about the dentist’s office—sights, sounds, or smells—you won’t even notice during your visit. Plus, there’s no need to worry that the pill will wear off before your treatment is complete; it provides up to six hours of complete comfort. By the time you arrive home, your pearly whites will be in tip-top shape.



Sleep dentistry



If sedation dentistry sounds like something you’re interested in, schedule an appointment at TenderCare Dental for more information. Our team is passionate about addressing any dental questions or concerns you have. It’s our goal to ensure every patient has a calm, relaxing experience from the moment you walk in the door.