Dentist in Tigard OR: School is Out, Don’t Forget Your Dental Appointment

As if the summer isn’t busy enough right!  Well, your Dentist in Tigard OR reminds you: Don’t Forget Your Dental Appointment before school starts again.  Summer is full of fun events, vacations, and activities, but one appointment that usually gets over looked is that appointment with the dentist.  Most parents remember the dentist about the week before school is to start and by that time it is sometimes too late as the dentist schedule gets filled up.  Now you are stuck making those teeth cleaning appointments during the school and work week which can create chaos and a headache.

Don't forget to schedule your child's dental checkup this summer at TenderCare Dental.
Don’t forget to schedule your child’s dental checkup this summer at TenderCare Dental.

Calling your Dentist in Tigard OR today and getting that much needed dental work done early will save you time and stress as the new school year approaches.  Justin Marostica a Family Dentist in Tigard, OR recommends scheduling your children’s dental cleaningsas soon as school gets out.  That way if there is needed dental treatment like filling cavities or braces that treatment can get done early in the summer and your child can enjoy the rest of the summer without dreading that much needed dental appointment.  It will also cut down on time away from school and potential work days for you the parent.

As always your Dentist in Tigard OR recommends biannual cleanings, which if scheduled in June during the summer break will coincide with a dental cleaning in December during Christmas break.  This Dr. Marostica has found to be the most convenient for not only you as a parent, but also your child.  Don’t forget while scheduling your children’s dental appointments to take the time to see if your dental checkup is up to date and if it is not then while your kids are getting their teeth cleaned you can join them.

Oral hygiene so important for your overall health and neglecting your or your children’s oral health needs can lead to many problems.  Your Dentist in Tigard OR, Dr. Justin Marostica is committed to providing high quality dentistry to the entire family that is affordable.  We look forward to your visit at TenderCare Dental in Tigard OR just call (503) 670-7088.